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PureNext Publications is an Independent publisher, with innovative articles from authors around the globe, focusing on Science and Technology, Medicine and Health, Social Sciences and Humanities. Every single distributed article is uninhibitedly and forever accessible online for everybody all through the world, expanding the perceivability use and effects of work. The main purpose is to provide a platform for high-quality research, especially in the countries where this will be useful.

The epigram of PureNext Publications is to influence the market in the world of publishing and distributing the articles which are peer-reviewed.

About Us

PureNext Publications is the new pen in the world of Publishing. It manages the design, editing, and production process with the help of proofreaders, reviewers and editors.  We value and continue to develop long-term cooperation with leading and experienced authors from around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to accelerate the spread of knowledge by conveying the most recent data contained in research papers that upgrades understanding, which truly empowers them to progress in research exercises.

Our Objective

Our main Objective is to acquire, publish and disseminate academic and professional peer reviewed content of the highest quality in medical and scientific fields worldwide.

What are the Benefits to

  • Increased citation and usage: Studies have shown that open access articles have better quality assurance, as research is visible to more people who can assess and cite it.
  •  Public access and engagement: There is no subscription content so the content is available every individual
  • Increased interdisciplinary conversation: By making your research open, you ensure that your research has appropriate quality for being able to take part in interdisciplinary research.
  • Wider collaboration: Open Access publications and data allow researchers to carry out collaborative research on a worldwide.
  • Faster impact: With permissive licenses like CC BY, researchers are empowered to build on existing research quickly.

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Publishing Ethics and Policies

Publishing Ethics and Policies Ethics

Articles published will come with a main motto of developing the knowledge network. All the articles are peer-reviewed who experts in their field across the regions. The end articles finally pass through the editorial board before submission as the quality control is in the hands of Chief Editors and Editor Section team who follows the best practice of maintaining the ethical standards. All the articles are updated with the findings in the research, results which are reliable and based on un-biased discussion. Every stage of production during the publication processes are well maintained with the highest possible outcome of quality.


All the research statements, results and opinions are solely by the advertisers and do not reflect the opinions of editors or publisher. The published articles appearing with the advertisements in the journals are not for the endorsing of the product, approving, guarantee or warranty. The responsibility is disclaimed by the editors and the publishers for any loss to person or property due to the results from ideas referred in the ads or articles.

Publication Fees

All the journals published by PureNext Publishers are coming with open access and are freely available to all the readers who are interested without any delays. All the articles we are publishing in this open access are subject to the charges for the publication which covers the cost of editorial works, publishing it online. It will be billed to the author who will be submitting it. For the publication fee, you can refer to our page.

Our Policies

1) Mutual responsibility lies with Authors as well for the articles which are submitted.
2) Any Conflicts of interest from Authors could be considered.
3) Editor will be final decider; only after his/her acceptance the articles will be finalized.

PureNext Publications is the new pen in the world of Publishing. It manages the design, editing, and production process with the help of proofreaders, reviewers and editors.

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